Additional services - Lumi Namai

Additional services

Additional services can be ordered for a minimum of one month. The Tenant has the right to terminate the additional services by notifying the Lessor in writing at least five (5) days before the beginning of the next calendar month, paying for the additional service until the end of the current calendar month.


It is possible to order the following services:

Parking space

In the underground parking €75/month

Storage room

Storage rooms are located on the underground floor of the building.

  • Small storage room €30/month
  • Medium storage room €40/month
  • Big storage room €60/month

Bicycle park

Storing personal belongings on staircases or in the front hall of the building is not permitted. Should you not want to store your bicycle in the apartment, it is possible to store these in the designated places.

The bicycle park usage fee is €5.00 per space

You can find the price list for Lumi Namai here: Lumi Namai price list.